Everyday Superheroes

Do you ever see someone at the gym in completely mismatched clothes, hair barely held back in a messy bun, bags under their eyes, who look a little like WTF am I doing here? Those people who have kids, fur babies, multiple jobs, a full course load at school, or for whatever reason just have a crazy full schedule – those are my kind of people. The one’s who may not be able get in two a day workouts or the marathon gym sessions or actual marathons they had planned, but day after day they show up. Let me tell you they may have a little jiggle when they wiggle, but these people are strong. These are the people you want in your life.

We see plenty of actual superheroes with ideal bodies who look great in their swimwear winning the crossfit games, lifting cars off people, saving the planet etc. We see plenty of people on the opposite end of the spectrum fighting for their lives and taking drastic measures, but what about the rest of us. The people who aren’t wielding 6 pack abs, but also aren’t at a place where weight loss surgery or medical intervention are needed in the slightest.

That’s where I find myself. For years I’ve felt not quite good enough. I would be looking in the mirror tugging gym clothes down to make sure they don’t accentuate my tummy rolls. Being a little to intimidated by all the superheroes at the weight section of the gym to go over and try to do a deadlift or a pull up. Hiding out in the cardio section and doing pushups and dips at home. One day I put on the sassiest outfit I could piece together, played the sassiest playlist I had, and I marched right over to the weights and went to town.

To my surprise…I’m pretty strong. I’m a four time Ironman triathlete so I know I have endurance and mental strength, but now I feel a whole new kind of empowered and strong. Even better I’ve had people tell me seeing me march right into the lion’s den every day inspired them to start doing the same. You never know who is watching – so never let self doubt stop you from anything, you may be the spark that lights someone else’s fire. You might just be an everyday superhero.

This Blog is something I feel led to do. I feel like I need to be a voice for these everyday superheroes. I want to be honest about the struggle between wanting to maintain a truly healthy lifestyle and how damn good carbs and cheese are. Don’t even get me started on dessert – chocolate chip cookies are my spirit animal. Some of the topics we’ll roll through are:

  •  Anxiety and Depression – the stigma surrounding it, the power it has over a person, and the reality of living with it
  •  Forgiveness – of both yourself and other people. Anger, guilt, and shame are really heavy weights we need to drop
  •  IBS – Y’all a lot of people have it and the stigma needs to go away. I have it and it is a hilarious disaster in my life
  •  The Buddy System – it deepens friendship and pushes you further on your journey
  •  Food – God bless I love food. Green food, Protein food, Deep fried food, Chocolate food
  •  Addictions – We all have them in one form or another, let’s chat about the effects
  •  Fear – Yes spiders are scary, so is failure, disease, and losing loved ones
  •  Dogs – Literally just an excuse for me to share about Reggie White and Vince Lombardi the best wiener dogs in the land, and get photos of all of your Fur babies too squeal over.

I am so excited about this adventure and all of the things i will learn from others and about myself in the process. Here’s to hoping for a wild ride.



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