I’m a 28 year old single female with two wiener dogs, two bicycles, and too many pairs of running shoes. Anxiety, severe depression, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity and diabetes run in my family (maybe this has something to do with why I’m single?). I unfortunately only see my family a couple times a year because they all live in the south, and I currently reside in Philadelphia. My day to day life is a constant battle of wanting to eat my feelings and not wanting to be fat. These are the brutal truths I live with, and some days those things are a black cloud that follow me around and make it hard to complete day to day things. However, most days I’m pretty happy (probably thanks to the lexapro and lorazepam #medicatedandunashamed). I have an amazing group of friends who share my juvenile sense of humor and love of the F word that make life pretty great

        Life is one crazy mess of ups and downs and you should never be ashamed of your journey. For a long time I didn’t want to admit I needed help because of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and medication and that put me through some tough times. Now I am ready to talk about my beautiful disaster unapologetically and truthfully and that’s what we’ll do here. Buckle up because I don’t have a filter and nothing is off limits. Now for your viewing pleasure here are some images of all my different body sizes.    

          In all these pictures my body is changing and my weight is changing, but my spirit isn’t. Let’s stop worrying about weight and start worrying about living a happy life full of effort and forgiveness. Numbers don’t define you, actions do.